2017 Membership Dues


It is time to renew your membership in the Baystate Bullmastiff Club. Annual dues for an individual are $10, and for a couple are $15. Your payment can be made directly to Martha Bosworth, 138 Howard Street, Lunenburg, MA 01468.


If you desire information about membership or wish to join as a new member please contact Martha Directly. miasam@aol.com.






The Baystate Bullmastiff Club needs volunteers to help at the ABA Specialty in September 2017. If you don't have a dog entered in a particulaar event your assistance would really be appreciated.

September 22: Set-up in the Parade Room/Boxboro Regency - Ring Set-up, crating area layout and putting down plastic floor covering

September 23: Obedience and Rally Trial at Boxboro Regency - WE NEED STEWARDS

September 24: Tracking Trial in Gardner, MA

September 25: Agility Trial, Amherst, NH

Hospitality Room at Boxboro Regency on September 23 thru September 28th. We need help in the morning setting up coffee and refreshments.

Cheryl Pike: amuletbmf@aol.com is in charge of hospitality bags and will need help putting them together before the show starts.

These are just a few of the jobs that we need help with. If you have the time to help scontact Virginia Roland blackslate@aol.com or Cheryl Pike amuletbmf@aol.com